Twitter and pidgin

Today I decided to give Twitter a chance. Started to see, try to find out how to use it, and then I suddenly felt that all that I wanted to blog, the short things, I could do with Twitter. Short jokes, comics, interesting links, stuff like that.

After that discover, I went on the journey of trying to use it from inside an IM, since I don’t want to access every time I feel to twitt(er) something.

The steps for it are:

  1. Go to your preferences in twitter and enable the “Device Updates”. Then setup the IM user to which you want the updates to be sent;
  2. Add the user to your IM account, as a buddy. In my case, a gtalk account.

I started to test it, and then the first issue came, that Otubo pointed me: twitter limits the posts up to 140 chars. How can I see that in pidgin?

So, thinking that someone (hopefully) had already thought about it, and relying on google, I found a plugin for pidgin that adds the number of typed chars on a chat window. Here it is, and it’s called pidgin-convcharcount-plugin. There you can get the patch, the source or the compiled libs as packages.

As I am using ubuntu right now, I’ve just installed the deb package available (found it on apt, later). To my friends, gentoo users (as otubo), sorry folks, but I didn’t find the package in the portage tree. 🙁

So, you’ll have to do it in a harder way. You can pick up the package source (tar.gz) on the site, untar it and perform make. It has a script (Makefile) that downloads pidgin source, patches it, and compiles the plugin libs.

I mean, this is the easiest way, but you can pick the patch instead, download pidgin source by yourself, patch it and yada yada. 🙂

After that, the libs should be placed on /usr/src/pidgin folder. It worked like a charm in here.. 🙂

Hope this helps. Any issues, let me know. 🙂