Twitter and pidgin

Today I decided to give Twitter a chance. Started to see, try to find out how to use it, and then I suddenly felt that all that I wanted to blog, the short things, I could do with Twitter. Short jokes, comics, interesting links, stuff like that.

After that discover, I went on the journey of trying to use it from inside an IM, since I don’t want to access every time I feel to twitt(er) something.

The steps for it are:

  1. Go to your preferences in twitter and enable the “Device Updates”. Then setup the IM user to which you want the updates to be sent;
  2. Add the user to your IM account, as a buddy. In my case, a gtalk account.

I started to test it, and then the first issue came, that Otubo pointed me: twitter limits the posts up to 140 chars. How can I see that in pidgin?

So, thinking that someone (hopefully) had already thought about it, and relying on google, I found a plugin for pidgin that adds the number of typed chars on a chat window. Here it is, and it’s called pidgin-convcharcount-plugin. There you can get the patch, the source or the compiled libs as packages.

As I am using ubuntu right now, I’ve just installed the deb package available (found it on apt, later). To my friends, gentoo users (as otubo), sorry folks, but I didn’t find the package in the portage tree. 🙁

So, you’ll have to do it in a harder way. You can pick up the package source (tar.gz) on the site, untar it and perform make. It has a script (Makefile) that downloads pidgin source, patches it, and compiles the plugin libs.

I mean, this is the easiest way, but you can pick the patch instead, download pidgin source by yourself, patch it and yada yada. 🙂

After that, the libs should be placed on /usr/src/pidgin folder. It worked like a charm in here.. 🙂

Hope this helps. Any issues, let me know. 🙂


This is my first post using ScribeFire, an add-on for firefox, that can be obtained in here. It’s integrated with the browser, and is very easy to set up your blog account if you use WordPress, for example, that is one of the blog servers it automatically recognize.

Powered by ScribeFire.

P.S.: It adds ^^^^ automatically to your post.

Small quote

(01:43:49 AM) Baguá: e esse erro persiste
(01:43:59 AM) Baguá: pra falar a verdade
(01:44:04 AM) Baguá: ele é tão persistente
(01:44:07 AM) Baguá: q podia ser um banco de dados !
(01:44:08 AM) Baguá: ra !

Musiquinha do comercial do Mercado Livre

Eu gosto muito de musicas de comerciais e seriados de tv. Estava assistindo o Universal channel, quando (de novo) ouvi a musica do comercial do Mercado Livre. Sabe aquele que o garoto vende o beijo? Então. Aí finalmente resolvi procurar pela musica na internet. E descobri q ela foi feita especialmente pro comercial 🙂

someone is there, waiting for my song
i´m only looking for someone who sings along
when all my dreams, finally reach yours
we will uprise and maybe find our true love
we will uprise and maybe find our true love

De um blog chamado Sinestesia. Lá tem o mp3, que não consegui postar aqui pq o wordpress limita o tipo de arquivo que se pode fazer upload (pra subir mp3 precisa pagar :()


Blogging it because I was asked to:

(01:13:54 AM) Ursula: deixa dar pull
(01:38:38 AM) Ursula: piada infame
(01:38:44 AM) Ricardo: fale
(01:38:47 AM) Ursula: melô do git: push me pull me
(01:39:07 AM) Ricardo: huahuahuahua
(01:39:12 AM) Ricardo: boa

hahaha 🙂

For those who didn’t get it: Push me, Pull me is a Pearl Jam song, from the fifth album of the band, Yield.

I had a false belief
I thought I came here to stay
We’re all just visiting
All just breaking like waves
The oceans made me, but who came up with me?
Push me, pull me, push me, or pull me out {2X}

So if there were no angels, would there be no sin?
You better stop me before I begin
But let me say: if I behave, can you arrange a spacious hole in the ground
Somewhere nice, make it nice
Where the land meets my tide
Push me, pull me, push me, or pull me out {4X}

Like a cloud dropping rain
I’m discarding all thought
I’ll dry up, leaving puddles on the ground
I’m like an opening band for the sun
Push me, pull me {6X}
I’ve had enough, said enough, felt enough, I’m fine

Finding and removing empty folders

Imagine that you decided to download a torrent that originally has a million folders. Then, imagine that you’ll only download actually one or two of them. Imagined that?

Now, imagine that you’re cleaning your files, you know, and then suddenly you see yourself in front of that million of empty folders. Of course you want to rip them off!

Knowing that find is a **VERY** powerful tool, reading its man I found out the following:

$ find . -type d -empty

And voila, only the empty dirs of the folder you are are returned.

Now, to delete them you have two options:

$ find . -type d -empty -exec rmdir "{}" ";"

(This should execute rmdir n times, where n is the number of empty folders the find command returns.)


$ find . -type d -empty | xargs rmdir -

(This should get all the output of the find command and use as input to rmdir command, wrapped by xargs.)

Both of them should work.

First post

Well, my first serious post here is a complain… as usual. It’s three o clock in the morning, and I’m being obligated by vmplayer to restart my computer for it to work!!

But, as you can see, I refused myself to take such a newbie way. So, I decided to create this blog, before I just kick this crap out of the window.

Hmmm.. Feeling better now.